I always encourage people to take your birthday off work. Birthdays are important. We don’t know how many of them we’re going to get. Hopefully a good innings like 90 would be fantastic. But each birthday is your own day of the year. We celebrate so many annual days like Christmas and Easter and these are days when we tend to have time off. It’s great to take your birthday off work, but with so many of us now working from home, how can we do this? Let’s have a look.

take your birthday off work

Let Clients & Colleagues Know

Firstly, if you book your birthday off work, it’s your day, off work. Your boss will already know as you’ve booked the day off and had it confirmed by them, however your colleagues might not. If you’re self employed your clients won’t know. A simple email around the night before or perhaps just an out of office, letting people know you’re off for the day, will suffice. You don’t want people trying to contact you and then wondering why they can’t get hold of you. Open communication will help people manage their expectations of when you’re likely to reply or return their phone call.

Don’t Even Log On

When we’re working from home, it’s easy to fill our spare time with logging onto the laptop or checking our emails on our phone. If you’re take your birthday off work, don’t even log on. Leave the laptop switched off and in the drawer. Leave your phone by the side of the bed so you aren’t distracted by it. Actually, turn it off! You can look at birthday messages on Facebook tomorrow! This is your day and you deserve to use it how you wish.

Do Something You Want To Do

Use your day to do something you want to do. That could be a lengthy lay in, followed by your favourite breakfast. Whilst lockdown is going on, we might be limited to what we can and can’t do. But having the day relaxing is ideal. A little bit care free and disconnected from the usual work day you would be undertaking. Watch a movie, binge watch some television box sets, read a book, spend some time cooking. Bake yourself a cake. Dance in the kitchen. Relax in the bath. Spend time with your immediate family – check out these fun family gifts you can enjoy! If the kids are at school, do the school run which you might not usually get to do. Take your birthday off work to do something you want to do.

take your birthday off work

How to Plan the Best Staycation Ever

Go Out, Even If It’s Just For A Walk

When we work from home, especially in lockdown, it’s easy to be stuck inside all the time. We can go for a walk though. Getting out and about and away from the stale air of the house is good for you. Even if it’s just a walk around the block, it’ll do your physical and mental health some good. Maybe it’s a run around the park instead? Burn off some calories before you eat your birthday cake!

What will you do with your birthday this year? Whether you work from home all the time or just find yourself doing it during lockdown, be sure to take your birthday off work and do something you love!

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